Random House

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D1-S0 "Random House" - Boyd's Journey (2 : 00)

----Credits on screen

Montage: The Random House headquarters in London. A woman at her desk highlighting sentences 
in a book. A tall handsome man, blonde hair with blue eyes, comes through the main entrance 
into the lobby. This is Boyd. He looks distracted wearing a double breasted jacket the color 
of deep water. He stares blankly. Closing in on his eyes we see the reflection of a woman 
in a hospital bed. 

Scene: Like waking up from a nightmare Boyd is suddenly standing in Glen Petalbergs office, 
the managing director of children's publishing.

----Boyd lays a stack of papers onto Glen's desk. 
----Glen looks fascinated at the coversheet.

G: "The End of Small Sanctuary".  

D2-S5 "Too early Angel" - Sorrow (1 : 18)

Scene: A girl stands faced away. She is in the center of a city street. There is fog all 
around. It is raining paper and ash. 

Alysa: It kind of Looks like milk. 

----Her face stretches into a smile. She begins to laugh. 
----Boyd sees her white teeth through the fog. 

The clouds thicken and her smile fades away. Her laugh echoes between the buildings until 
it disappears.

A: Sometimes I think that some scatterbrained giant has carelessly dropped his cup and spilt 
milk all over the city.

Boyd: Here we are lost together on the occasion of a simple accident.

D1-S8 "Penguin House" - Attorney (1 : 08)

Scene: Boyd sits in the corner of an elevator sized, room. There are no windows and the walls, 
floor and ceiling are made of metal. He is well dressed wearing dark colors. There 
are shadows beneath his eyes and a thin line near the corner of his mouth that indicate he 
has been suffering. We hear the voice of an attorney.

Attorney (voice over): More effective response to change. Geographically Pearson is strongest 
in the emerging markets outside the United States and Random House is the largest consumer 
publisher in the United States and the UK.

B: . . .

At (cont'd): By combining the resources of the two companies you are in a much more 
advantageous position to respond to change. 

B: I will finish this book and realize the walls have always been shifting, like a 
dark room. I will realize that I'm not the person I used to be.

D2-S0 "Surviving here is all about perspective" - Petalberg (1:53)

Scene: Crying Boyd walks the hallways of the Random House headquarters. He extends one arm 
to the black marble wall. It is layered with ash. His fingers leave traces like ice-skates. 

B: When I see you, the world stops. It stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes 
staring at you. There's nothing else. No noise, no other people, no yesterday, no tomorrow. 
There is only you and now it stays this way.

----Boyd picks up his pace as though he is chasing after something. Through tears we see a 
blurry shape waddling ahead. It vanishes into Petalberg's office. Boyd goes after it. 

D1-S10 "Reader" - Safe Room (0:49)

B: Looker, gazer, skimmer, 
thumb licking page turner, 
You getting your print fix for the day,
Pencil chewer, note taker 
with your checks and x's
first timer, browser, english major, 
flight ready girl,  melancholy boy, 
invisible companion, thief, blind date, perfect stranger---
That is me rushing to the window 
to see if it's you passing under the shade trees 
with a baby carriage 
me picking up the phone to imagine 
your unimaginable number
me standing by a map of the world 
wondering where you are--- 
Alone on a bench in a train station or falling asleep 
the book sliding to the floor.


This is a preview. The full text will 
be released December 24 . 2013 
@ RandomHouse.me
Jasper Spicero 2013